Who is Daniel?

Daniel is a Product Designer, a generalist who works on many parts of an experience — from defining what product is built to shipping the final product to its target group.

That's me
Product development in action
certified product owner

Daniel's background

Connecting hardware and software – Daniel has a product design background. He studied Industrial Design with the strong focus on the connection between well crafted physical products (hardware) and the suitable interface (software). Since this time he likes to shape ideas to real products, that combine these two worlds.

Shaping content and the user experience – Daniel fell in love with Interaction Design since his Master Studies with a lot of inspiring people. Working in multidisciplinary teams he loves being in the middle of the Visual Designer, the User Experience Designer and the Developers, crafting digital products and services that are beautiful, accessible, and full of daily challenges. As often as he can, he writes markup, CSS and basic javascript on his own, in order to speak and understand the language of flanking fields.

Providing feedback and communicating actions by motion design – Joining the motion design team at deepblue networks for a while – in the role as Mobile Designer – , Daniel was surrounded by Motion Designer and 3D Artists. In this environment he sharpened his sense for motion graphics, user interface animations and interactive prototypes.

Adding customer values – Most recently Daniel did a lot of responsive and mobile design, creating sites, apps, and experiences that scale well across all devices, often working together as an ecosystem and that bring real value to people.

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Unite user insights based on interviews

I am well-versed in a wide range of disciplines and accompany the entire product development process. That is why I call myself a generalist. Often I am employed with the role as product owner/product designer, because my strength is to decide which method is needed at present or which aspects need to be focused.

My daily tasks are to identify, investigate, and validate a specific problem, and develop, design, test and ship a perfect solution. Multiple tools help me to get this job done: customer journeys, flow charts, wireframes, prototypes, pixel perfect mockups or animations. After all this is done, often the most hardest part is coming: communicate the solution to decision makers.

For that I have acquired a deep understanding for different project components including research, prototyping, animation, coding, analytics, visual and interaction design as well as timing and budget. These diverse skillset help me to create and iterate a solution even faster in order to take into account both, business and customer values.

How I work?

That's me
No one-man show! Amazing results are achieved as a team. Pictured: my colleague Burkhard and me.

With a great team – For me one of the most important keys to achieve amazing results is a great team, that is highly motivated and talented! That's really priceless. And this team includes you (e.g. as a client) as well, because the best results grow in partnerships.

With learning and sharing – We work in a connected and complex world. Mostly hardware and software working together in a partnership and enable us to use products and services of our everyday life. For that, it takes a lot of challenges and skills to bring such services to life. The best environment to face this complexity is a good team, where you can learn from others as well as share your own experiences and learnings.

With culture and attitude – Really amazing products emerge by passion. If the team is taken of this love for the product, then you can develop extraordinary things. Reaching this point has to do with culture, that is the base for a good (team) attitude.

Tools I use

My favorite tool
Thats's me and my favorit working environment: developing ideas quickly with pen and paper.

Tools must be accessible and efficient as possible. For me, the most effective tool to communicate more clearly with others, make first impressions and to increase my understanding of complex subjects is sketching. I think with my pen and make ideas understandable for others.

To avoid an workflow of silos and non-reusable outcome, it is important to use smart tools, that the whole team can operate and collaborate with. For example exporting a technical documentation as a static PDF and handing it over to the development is not really handy. My philosophy is to work as close as it gets with developer tools to have the minimum viable product as soon as possible in the process. Additionally, this guarantee a dialog between different mindsets.

Below you can find an extract of tools I am familiar with and love using regularly:

“If you have any additional questions, I would be delighted to hear from you. Feel free to send me a tweet (@kraenzmann) or just drop me an email.”

— Daniel